CASEVs (Connected, Autonomous, Smart & Electric Vehicles) represent a powerful fusion of technologies that will revolutionize our nation's roadways, offering advanced communication, driver-assistance systems, sustainable transportation, and enhanced safety and mobility. To embed these technologies into vehicles and ensure widespread consumer adoption, the government and industry are collaborating to cultivate a thriving manufacturing sector supported by robust infrastructure development.

Simultaneously, cross-industry collaboration is fostering a fertile environment for emerging tech-oriented entrepreneurs in the mobility sector, fueling the delivery of innovative and distinctive solutions for a new era of transportation. This technology-enabled sustainable mobility will create a secure and connected environment for end-users, enabling people nationwide to reap the rewards of this mobility revolution.

In light of this, we are proud to introduce the "People's Choice Awards," where the ultimate winner will not only triumph over voters but also capture the hearts of millions! People's Choice Award Ceremony, dedicated to acknowledging, celebrating, and honoring exemplary leadership and innovation within the automotive technology industry. This ceremony aims to recognize outstanding contributions and reward those who have demonstrated excellence in pushing the boundaries of auto tech.

We invite you to join us and nominate your company for the appropriate category/categories available at CAEV EXPO 2024 People's Choice Awards. While there is no restriction on the number of categories in which companies can nominate themselves, only one entry per company will be accepted for a particular category. For example, XYZ company can self-nominate itself for 'A' category as well as 'B' or/and 'C' category but only one entry/nomination will be accepted from a company (through a point of contact) for each one of the available categories. People will cast their vote online for the self- nominated companies and whoever receives the maximum number of votes for each category will be declared the winner.

NOMINATION FEE: INR 10,000 + GST (Per nomination)
Nomination Close : 15th February 2024
Voting Start Date : 17th February 2024
Voting Closing Date : 5th March 2024
Announcement of Winners : 6th March 2024
Award Ceremony : 15th March 2024

People's Choice Awards Categories

Autonomous Vehicle
Fuel Monitoring
Connected Car
Electric Vehicle
Auto Tech Startup
5G & Connectivity
Automotive Data
Battery Management
Charging Infrastructure
Fleet Management
Software Defined
Testing & Simulation
Maps & Navigation
Digital Platform
Automotive – Process
and Quality

NOMINATION FEE: INR 10,000 + GST (Per nomination)

Who is eligible for this award?

Anyone working in the automotive tech industry, including OEM, Tier 1, software or hardware supplier, government organization, industry body are eligible for this award.

Nomination and Evaluation

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